Business Storage

Business owners tend to be protective. Their image, their products, their ideas – they need to make sure that every decision is for the good of their business. Yet there’s a lot more that goes into running a business. You need people, desks, furniture, décor, technology and all the other little things that keep it running. And all of that needs protecting, too. At Securaselfstorage, we make it our business to help your business thrive. We offer several affordable solutions to help you grow and succeed during this exciting adventure.

Why Business/Commercial Self Storage?

Store Equipment. Running a business usually means there’s a lot of equipment involved. If you own a restaurant, maybe you have some extra tables and chairs you don’t have room for. If you own a landscaping company, maybe you need a place to store your tools during the off-seasons. If you own an online-driven business, maybe you need a climate controlled unit for your sensitive technology. Whatever type of equipment you need to store, Securaselfstorage has you covered. If you’re not sure what type of storage unit you need, check out our storage guide to help determine what space is right for your equipment.
Store Extra Inventory. Too much of one thing can sometimes be bad, especially if you have limited space. That may be especially true during certain times of the year – like summer, winter, and the holidays. Whether its decorations, merchandise, or technology, we offer storage units in a variety of sizes, along with month-to-month rental leases to keep your inventory safe for however long you need. If you have items that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, it may be worth looking into a climate controlled storage unit that will remain a consistent temperature year-round.

Store Furniture. Remodeling or moving your business? Is your current location overflowing with clutter? Securaselfstorage can help out. Remodeling or moving your business is often a difficult and very costly task. Instead of renting another commercial place to store things – desks, chairs, couches, filing cabinets, computers, appliances– a storage unit is a more practical and affordable solution. Even if you’re not making major changes to your business, you may have some extra furniture you need to store until you’re ready to upgrade to a bigger space.

Store Sensitive Documents. Running a business also comes along with a lot of paperwork, which you may not always have room for. Not only do documents and files pile up quickly, but they are often stored in heavy filing cabinets that are hard to transport. Keeping your files together in a storage unit not only keeps them organized but keeps them safe. 

Let Securaselfstorage Protect You

We know you have a lot to protect when it comes to your business. Let Securaselfstorage step in to protect everything else. With several security features at the facility, you can feel at ease knowing your things are protected while you continue to pursue your dream. Come see how self storage can help your business, today.